Story Time

Welcome to 'Story Time', wherein well-known stories get spoofed for the kids of Nameless... with the Who characters in starring roles.

It's Story Time! - B. K. Willis - Fairy tales get horribly abused when the toddlers demand to hear a story. First of the 'Story Time' stories, spoofing 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

Master Test - Vicky J. - The Deadly Assassin and Keeper of Traken Masters insist their other incarnations prove their reputations for evil. This can't possibly go wrong... Spoilers through 'Last of the Time Lords'. (Part Three takes on 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves')

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Story Time: A Revolting Rhyme - Vicky J. - The Master returns to the nursery with intent to educate the toddlers... using Roald Dahl's "Little Red Riding Hood". General spoilers for the final episodes of Season 3.

Story Time: Beauty and the Beast - Vicky J. - Izzy gives in to the toddlers' demands and lets the Master return as storyteller. Uh-oh... Followed up by the drabble "Meanwhile, Back at the Barn".

Story Time! Charles Augustus Milverton - John Elliott - Or 'Why the Master doesn't want Martha starring in his stories again'. Tiny spoilers for 'Partners in Crime'.

Story Time: Cinderella - Douglas B. Killings - Another story time at the Day Care Centre Outside Continuity. Retelling the Disney version of 'Cinderella'.

Story Time! Gereint and Enid - Vicky J. - In which Gwen Cooper visits the creche and tells a Welsh story filled with blood, gore and sex. It's not Torchwood, just the Mabinogion.

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Story Time! Hansel and Gretel - Vicky J. - Or why you should never, ever, leave the story book unattended near the kids.

Story Time! Jack And The Beanstalk - Daibhid Ceannaideach - For the entertainment of the kiddies, Chris does Jack and the Beanstalk. Sort of.

Story Time! Kate Crackernuts - Daibhid Ceannaideach - When the girls demand a story with more 'girl power', Izzy tells them the Scottish fairytale 'Kate Crackernuts'. Spoilers up through 'Last of the Time Lords'.

Part 1 - Part 2

Story Time! Macbeth - John Elliott - Jamie has a cunning plan: read 'Macbeth' to the toddlers. This is Nameless. Cunning plans never go as intended.

Story Time: Pride and Prejudice - Vicky J. - A.k.a. "Pride and Petulance". Followed up by Vicky J.'s "Party and Persuasion" and John Elliott's "A Casting Conceit".

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Story Time! Rapunzel - Vicky J. - In which the Simm Master finally makes good his threat to tell the Grimm fairytale, Rapunzel.

Story Time: Sequelitis - Vicky J. - In which the newest Master gets addicted to story time at the creche... General spoilers for the final episodes of Season 3. Retelling the Grimms' version of 'Cinderella'.

Story Time! Sleeping Beauty - John Elliott - Izzy's retelling of 'Sleeping Beauty' encounters an unexpected hitch.

Story Time! The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb - John Elliott - In the spirit of Christmas, the Master elects to tell the kids something joyful and heartwarming... well, for him, anyway. Spoilers up through 'Journey's End'.

Story Time! The Adventure of the Priory School - John Elliott - Rose takes on the challenge of Story Time, but finds herself a little too involved in the story... Spoilers through "The End of Time" Part Two.

Story Time! The Bruce-Partington Plans - John Elliott - Izzy has laryngitis, so it's time for another Holmes pastiche...

Story Time - The Coming of the Hound - John Elliott - The legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles gets the 'Story Time' treatment, courtesy of Dr. Watson himself. Spoilers up through 'Last of the Time Lords'.

Story Time! The Flower Fairies - John Elliott - A passing remark of Izzy's in Vicky J's "Special Pleading" has unfortunate effects...

Story Time! The Goose Girl - John Elliott - This time, the Master tells the kids the story of The Goose Girl.

Story Time! The Haunted Hotel - John Elliott - The Delgado Master is intent on introducing the children to proper literature - specifically, Wilkie Collins' "The Haunted Hotel".

Story Time! The Illustrious Client - John Elliott - Featuring Ace and Shou Yuing as Holmes and Watson, with the Dream Lord as the client. Business as usual, then. Spoilers for episode three of the 2010 BBC Sherlock miniseries.

Story Time! The Musgrave Ritual - John Elliott - It's the Tenth Doctor's chance to tell the kids a Sherlock Holmes story. Things go about as smoothly as might be expected (that is, /not/).

Story Time - The Princess Bride - Imran Inayat - When Chloe gets sick, Anji decides to tell her a story. Except she's pretty sure it didn't go like this...

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Story Time! The Six Napoleons Rassilons - John Elliott - What happens when Izzy lets her mind wander on the job.

Story Time! The Speckled Band - John Elliott - The classic Sherlock Holmes story, done 'Story Time' style. Spoilers for Season 3's 'Blink'.

Story Time! The Three Bears - John Elliott - It's governess Clara's turn to tell the toddlers a story.

Story Time! The Three Garridebs - John Elliott - Another Sherlock Holmes pastiche - with the Doctor and Master as Holmes and Watson. Just not in the roles you might expect...

Story Time! The Twelve Huntsmen - John Elliott - Isobel Watkins finds herself telling the toddlers the fairytale "The Twelve Huntsmen".