Coda: The Results
By V. Jewitt

(The Masters return to face their examiners in evil...)

"So," hissed the black, Traken Master. "What is this we hear?"

The Delgado Master was uninterested. "Oh, spare us. We failed your
little test, did we? You should have expected it. We are all the
Master and we don't take kindly to orders!"

The Rani shook her head. "Even so, you're pathetic, all of you."

The Deadly Assassin Master summed up, "In a contest of evil you have
respectively managed to help UNIT save the library, half tie Mel to a
disused railway line, ask Tegan for a date, strike a truce with the
Eighth Doctor over fashion issues and entertained the creche with a
story. We're never going to live this down."

The original Master stood. "Frankly, as somebody once said, I don't
give a damn."

"Although, who Frank Lee is and why he wouldn't give a dam, nobody
knows," added the Simm Master. "Mind you, dams are awkward things to
wrap. Why should we perform on request? I suitably humiliated the
Doctors in that story and I enjoyed it if nobody else did."

"If I succeed in taking Tegan away from the Doctor, he will be
devastated," added the Ainley Master, who, for some inexplicable
reason was sporting a black eye and limping. "I may, however, wait a
while before I ask again!"

The Movie Master only shrugged. "Let's go."

The Masters left together, leaving their black, blobby selves behind
with the Rani, Davros, Sutekh and Tlotoxl. (The Meddling Monk had
found something more interesting to do than bother to report back).

It was only as they stood outside that they realised that the Jacobi
Master still had a section of twine and the Delgado Master some of
UNIT's dynamite and those matches.

The five Masters looked at one another...

"Gentlemen," said the original, "I think we have a plan!"


It was only hours later that it occurred to the Delgado Master that
having destroyed the Deadly Assassin and Traken Masters, along with
Sutekh, the Rani, Tlotoxl and Davros was more likely to get them a
medal from the grateful inhabitants of Nameless and the Round than
restore their evil reputations.

He laughed softly to himself and resumed his reading.

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This Time Round was created by Tyler Dion. All characters are
copyright of the BBC and BBC Wales.