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La Femme Perpugilliam - Paul Gadzikowski - No-one saw this one coming...

Ladies' Night - Random Companion - The PMEB take over This Time Round.

Legends - Helen Fayle - In which a small get-together reflects on the things they share.

Let's Do That Time Warp Again - Paul Andinach - Explaining Gadzikowski's Law of Crucitemporal Interference...

Let's Play... Blind Date - Vicky J. - In which the Celestial Toymaker's latest lucky contestant on 'Blind Date' is... Leela. As with so many other things, this can't /possibly/ end well.

Let's Pretend - Vicky J. - Not everyone has fun. Follow-up drabble to "Murder at Mill Cottage".

Letter Of The Law - Paul Gadzikowski - The Master takes a part-time job.

Life is Like... - John Elliott - Pat Doctor gets something more than a little dangerous this Valentine's.

Light Matters - Douglas B. Killings - Adric's friends continue to place him in harm's way.

The Light's On, But... - Paul Gadzikowski - Things take a while to sink in.

Like Water for Adric - B. K. Willis - Chaos, curses, and stolen underwear surround Adric's attempt to buy a gift for Nyssa.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Liminality - Imran Inayat - Matt Doctor's not quite himself at the moment. Fourth in the 'Matt's Ghost' series. Vague spoilers for Eleventh's character.

Limited Access - Paul Andinach - Some characters ensure their entry to This Time Round. Prelude to "Clifton-James Night At This Time Round".

Linguistic Lesson - Paul Gadzikowski - Not everything is lost in translation.

Liquid Reprisals - Douglas B. Killings - Adric invents a response to 'Adric's Demise'.

Listings (aka Missing TTR story 2) - Ken Young - What the guidebooks have to say about the 'Round. With a remarkable level of honesty...

A Little Justice - Douglas B. Killings - Psycho Nyssa encounters a group even more loathsome than Adric.

Look Who's... - Imran Inayat - Introducing Look Who's Talking, the day care centre outside continuity.

Look Who's Stalking - B. K. Willis - Baby Adric has a hard time with the other children...

Loves' Labours - Paul Gadzikowski - Everyone's getting in on the romantic spirit.

Lovers' Rock - Mags L. Halliday - Adric realises he is not the only one in his boat.

Lucidity - Imran Inayat - The tale of the Sandman's meeting with a newcomer to his realm.