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BBC - Doctor Who Homepage - The BBC's official website.

Big Finish - Official producers of new 'Doctor Who' audio adventures.

Outpost Gallifrey - The best 'Doctor Who' fan-run site out there by a long run.

A Brief History Of Time (Travel) - Shannon Patrick Sullivan's overview of 'Doctor Who'.

Doctor Who Reference Guide - Full synopses of the Who stories in virtually every medium.

The Whoniverse - Stephen Gray's guide to the universe of 'Doctor Who', currently focusing on the novel ranges.

Subreality Central - The original inspiration for This Time Round. Check it out.

http://profun.roundrobins.info - The Pro-Fun Parties and TTR Round Robins have their very own website. Hosted by Paul Andinach.

a teaspoon and an open mind - Auto-archive for Doctor Who fanfic.

Strange Times And Places - Your webmaster's personal site, where he archives most of his fiction (including - *gasp* - some non-TTR stories!).

http://echoalpha.com/index.html - Eric Adcock's personal site, with his collection of offbeat fanfic.

James and Erin's Home Page - James Bow's page, which he shares with wife Erin. Worth poking around.

The Moderator's Doctor Who Page - Rebecca K. Dowgiert's website, home to much good Eighth Doctor fanfic.

The Book of Taliesin - Helen Fayle's cycles of stories set in the Nine Worlds.

http://members.iglou.com/scarfman/ - Paul Gadzikowski's site, home to his wide range of fanfic and cartoons.

Moosifer Jones' Lair - Mags L. Halliday's website. Mags is now a published Doctor Who author - check out the BBC novel 'History 101'.

http://mcganndoc.tripod.com/index.html - Alryssa Kelly's site, home of the 'Cat Who Walked Through Time' anthologies and the Sailor Gallifrey homepage.

The End Of The Phoenix - Douglas B. Killings' website, home to 'End Of The Phoenix', in which... no, take a look for yourself.

Bare Bones Archive - Clive May's personal archive. Simple and pared-down, with lots of good stories.

Panatropic.Net - Once home to the main Doctor Who fanfic archive on the net, now Random Companion's homepage.

Archive of Archives - David S. Rubin's archive of fanfic archives.

The Sandminer - Website of K. M. Wilcox, (a.k.a the Drabble King), with more drabbles than you can shake a Drashig at.

Gray's Garret - Graham Woodland's speculative fiction site.

A Study In Space-Time - Suzanne Macey appears to be updating again (fingers crossed). While we're waiting, check out her comic strip 'Faulty TARDIS', about a dimensionally transcendent hotel...