Matt Doctor's not feeling himself lately. Which is good, because he's not sure
who he /is/ yet. So far, he's just been the youngest Doctor brother, haunted by
Amy's temporal echo, his very own ghost.

But he's been feeling... fidgety, lately. Giddy. Wild. Everything fluid around
him, like it's all been shaken up, waiting to form a new pattern. Focusing on
weird things, shutting out everything else. Something's shifted, something in
him, his timeline, his biodata, and it's all up in the air, who he is, was,
will be.

It occurs to Matt that in his way, he's just as much a temporal echo as Amy is,
something that's yet to be, waiting till the event that brings them into being.
The only difference between them, right now, is that he has a place in this
world, even one as small as 'the youngest Doctor brother'. Amy doesn't even
have that yet, just 'a girl Matt knows'.

But it's not going to stay like this for long. They're getting closer to the
critical event, the point where they go from potential to reality, finally meet
for real.

Matt finds it encouraging, knowing that they're going to find definition,
establish who they are.

The problem is, it hasn't happened /yet/, which gives Matt even more fidgets.
He's got to /wait/ for it, and waiting has never been something the Doctor
brothers are good at - apart from Sylv, anyway.

Even so, Matt thinks it's going to be worth it, in the end.


Disclaimer: The 'Round is Tyler Dion's; 'Then Do That Over' is Paul

'Doctor Who' is the BBC's.