Yet Another Time Round

Daibhid and Bob the Muse were lost in the mists around Nameless. Again.

"Trust me, Bob, I know where we are," Daibhid said confidently.

"Last time you said that we ended up at Some Other Time Round," Bob
reminded him.

"That worked out okay in the end though didn't it?"

"I don't actually *know* how it worked out in the end. Nor do you."

"Oh, yeah," Daibhid mused, "I must finish that story sometime."

Bob was just about to object to how meta this story was getting, which
obviously would only have made it worse, when they both noticed a light
in the distance.

"Here we are!" Daibhid grinned, "I told you I knew where we were going."

It certainly *looked* like Nameless, without the overreaching aura of
sinisterness that permuated Otherside. Bob still had his misgivings,
which increased when they ran into someone.

"Is that ... Queenie?" Daibhid asked, "And why is she wearing a sort of
Eighth Doctor costume?"

"Well, because I'm the Eighth Doctor," the woman replied, "Nice to meet
you both. Welcome to Flipside."

Daibhid blinked confused. Flipside was another name for Otherside ... but
this certainly wasn't Otherside.

Bob closed his eyes. "The Eighth Doctor ... played by Miranda Richardson.
As speculated about in the DWM #268 feature 'Who's That Girl'. Oh my
gods, Daibid, you've managed to find *genderflip* Nameless!"

The female Eighth ushered them into Yet Another Time Round. "Francoise,
set these people up with whatever they want. I need to find my
companions. You know, Sam, Fizz, Compassion, Tram and Isaac."

"Isaac probably at Man of Steel Bar And Grill," growled the (presumably
female) Ogron behind the bar.

"Good thinking, I'll check there first," said the Doctor and disapeared.

Daibhid ordered an Irn Bru, and Bob a pint of Turbot's Really Odd, and
they looked round the bar.

"Is that Fifth over there? I mean *our* Fifth," asked Daibhid. "It looks
like him, only even younger. And ... wearing a school uniform complete
with cap?"

Before Bob could comment, a woman resembling Frances de la Tour in a
bohemian dress and a ludicrously wide silk scarf burst into the room.
"Ah, there you are, Roman," she said to the Fifth-lookalike, "I've been
looking everywhere".

Daibhid shook his head. "Weirder and weirder."

"You think that's weird? There's a guy at that table who looks like
Bradley James from Merlin wearing a Union Jack T-shirt, and I'm pretty
sure I heard someone call him Ross Tyler."

"O-kay..." Daibhid noticed someone else. A man who looked uncannily like
David McCallum in a dark jacket of feminine cut. "Who's that? Another

"That male Doctor from Curse of Fatal Death," explained Francoise. "You
want lunch? Brother Charles very good chef."

"Ah, thanks," said Bob, finishing his drink, "But I think we'd better
leave before Daibhinah and Bobbi the Muse show up and *really* freak
Daibh out."

"Argh, yeah, thanks for bringing up *that* possibility," agreed Daibhid,
draining the last of his 'Bru.

"Hey," Daibhid noticed as they left, "There's a version of Look Who's
Talking over there."

"Daibhid," said Bob, "Do me a favour. If you ever find yourself drawn to
visit the genderflipped toddlers, or indeed the evil, genderflipped, toon
toddlers? *Don't* feel you have to bring me along..."

[Disclaimer: This Time Round created by Tyler Dion. Francoise based on
Francois created by BK Willis. The Man of Steel based on the Steel
Maiden, also created by BK Willis. Some Other Time Round created by KM
Wilcox. Look Who's Talking created by Imran Inayat. Miranda Richardson's
Doctor, Frances de la Tour's Doctor and Peter Davison's Roman are, as Bob
says, lifted from a DWM article by Alan Barnes. Other characters are the
product of my own deranged imagination, inspired by that article. Written
purely because TTR's TV Tropes page pointed out one standard fanfic AU
that *doesn't* have its own place Outside. I think I've demonstrated why

Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically ... run.