David Doctor sat with in first year’s common room. He was sat in one
of the more comfortable chairs, in front of a computer, a scowl on
his face.

''Dr Holloway said I’ve to use my userspace more often. Get out any
of my anger problems on something I can’t break.''

The userspaces were relatively new to H.G. Wells, and yet at the same
time they’d always had them. Along the same lines of social sites like
Livejournal, each student had a blog in which they could post various
different things. Originally it had been thought that they could be
used to hand in homework and get assignments, but that was scrapped
quickly when it was realised that the students used the network for
anything but their work.

''Not my fault I’m so angry all the time right now. You’d be angry
too, if everyone was ignoring you. Rose only wants to hang out with
Tennant, and Jenny’s always playing with Cline and Hath Gable.
Martha’s too busy with Tom now, and Donna’s acting like she doesn’t
know me. Jack’s a part of the Torchwood group, and they don’t like me
‘cause I don’t like playing with toy guns like them, an’ Mickey’s
decided he’s going off with them too. I thought ‘bout playing with
Chris more, but he’s too busy trying to make sure Matt’s gonna be okay
when he comes - and that’s not for another whole year!
I just ... I just feel a bit alone really. But what’s the point
complaining on a page of ones and zeros ... Not like anyone actually
reads this thing.''

David sighed, looking away from what he’d written to fidget at his
top. There was a knock on the door.

“Hello, old boy,” Peter Doctor smiled kindly, “want to come play