*Credits, Disclaimer and List of Winners*

Summary: Dalek gangsta rappers, obscene ice sculptures and the Seventh Doctor on
the spoons - yep, it's the 2002 Adric Awards ceremony.

Editor's (Imran's) Note: Congratulations to the winners, the nominees, the
participants... well, basically everyone who got involved in this.

My deepest thanks to Paul Gadzikowski, for the amount of work he put into
tallying, voting and basically making sure the organisational side of these
Awards went well, along with a couple of presentations on the side.

Quite frankly, I'm in awe of the effort he's put in.

It was a pleasure collaborating with him.

As for who takes up the mantle next year... well, we'll have to see...

Disclaimer: 'Doctor Who', the various Doctors (bar Dave), Sarah, Liz, Ace, Mel,
Adric, Nyssa, Katarina, Peri, Fitz and Jamie are the BBC's.

Destrii is Marvel's.

The Sontarans were created by Robert Holmes.

The Daleks were created by Terry Nation.

Benny was created by Paul Cornell.

Iris Wildthyme was created by Paul Magrs.

Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Giles, Anya, Spike and Tara are Mutant Enemy's
("Buffy the Vampire Slayer").

Ayeka and Kiyone are Pioneer/AIC's ("Tenchi Muyo!").

Mara (well, _this_ Mara) is Kosuke Fujishima's ("Oh My Goddess!").

Gwyn ap Nud is Welsh myth's, with a hard left through H. P. Lovecraft's mythos,
and a detour into the worlds of Graham Woodland.

Magnus and Varne are Ken Young's.

Mr. G and Ezekiel Tod are Joel Davis's.

David, Eric, Francois, Embericles and Nyssaias are B. K. Willis's.

Man Mottro, Dilly K and Strael are K. M. Wilcox's. Way Ec Kilmox is also his (or
may simply _be_ K.M.:) ).

Aunty Spamm, Bob the Pterodactyl, Pellucida Pelican and Violent Elizabott are
Clive May's.

Ana is Danel's.

Look Who's Talking, the Adrics Awards Committee (A, B, C and D), the Supervisor,
the Narrator, Sandra and Amber are all Imran Inayat's.

Everyone else belongs to themselves.


Paul Gadzikowski
Imran Inayat


Joel Davis
Clive May
K. M. Wilcox
B. K. Willis
Dave Yadallee
Ken Young

Winners & Finalists:

Best Drabble:

1st place - 'Heathrow Or Bust', by K. M. Wilcox.

2nd place - 'The Fires of Faith', by B. K. Willis
3rd place - 'Pronunciation Guide', by K. M. Wilcox
4th place (tied) - 'Go Forward And Prove', by Paul Gadzikowski
4th place (tied) - 'Oh, The Things You'll Do', by K. M. Wilcox

Best Round-Robin Chapter:

1st place - 'Desert of Fear: Zero Room Interlude', by Clive May

2nd place - 'Goodnight, Sweetheart' final chapter, by Ann Magill

Best Round-Robin:

1st place - 'Goodnight, Sweetheart'

2nd place (tied) - 'Desert of Fear'
2nd place (tied) - 'Twenty-Five Pieces of Silver'
3rd place (tied) - 'Dark Carnival'
3rd place (tied) - 'The Time The Stories Went Dark'

Best Comedy Short Fiction:

1st place - 'What Kind of Story is That?', by David S. Rubin

2nd place (tied) - 'Special Presentation: Nyss and Emmy's Crossovers from Hell
Extravaganza', by B. K. Willis
2nd place (tied) - 'I Sing the Body Electra', by Paul Gadzikowski
2nd place (tied) - 'Once Upon a Midnight Dreary', by B. K. Willis
3rd place - 'Another Conversation in TTR', by Ken Young
4th place - 'TTR: Hard Help', by B. K. Willis

Best Comedy Long Fiction:

1st place - 'Sailor Who: Separate but Evil', by B. K. Willis

2nd place - 'Sela MSTed', by Paul Gadzikowski

Best Drama Short Fiction:

1st place - 'Thorns', by Helen Fayle

2nd place (tied) - 'The Shape of Fire', by Helen Fayle
2nd place (tied) - 'The World That Jack Built', by Imran Inayat
3rd place - 'Badlands: Beyond Lies The Mage', by Paul Gadzikowski
4th place - 'Ghosts of the Past', by Imran Inayat

Best Drama Long Fiction:

1st place - 'A Family Affair', by B. K. Willis

2nd place (tied) - 'Derelict', by B. K. Willis and Ken Young
2nd place (tied) - 'Shakedown Cruise', by B. K. Willis and Ken Young
2nd place (tied) - 'The Invisible City', by Helen Fayle
3rd place (tied) - 'Desert of Fear'
3rd place (tied) - 'The Space of I', by Graham Woodland

Best Series/Story Arc:

1st place - 'The Book of Taliesin', by Helen Fayle

2nd place (tied) - 'King Arthur in Time and Space', by Paul Gadzikowski
2nd place (tied) - 'To Die For'
3rd place (tied) - Magnus & Varne stories, by BKWillis & Ken Young
3rd place (tied) - 'The Space of I/The Three Jos', by Graham Woodland
4th place - Peri arc, by Paul Gadzikowski

Best 'Doctor Who' Character:

1st place - Peri, 'Peri arc III'

2nd place - Third Doctor, 'The Three Jos'
3rd place - Destrii, 'The Dark Half' series

Best Original or Crossover Character:

1st place (tied) - Number One, 'Dark Carnival'
1st place (tied) - Jessica Marlowe, 'A Family Affair'

2nd place (tied) - Magnus and Varne, 'Goodnight, Sweetheart'
2nd place (tied) - Mary "Babydoll" Rokossovsky, 'Desert of Fear'
2nd place (tied) - Vivienne, 'Book of Taliesin'
3rd place - Nimue, 'King Arthur in Time and Space'

Best Crossover:

1st place - 'TTR: Hard Help' [various], by B. K. Willis

2nd place (tied) - 'Dragon Lines 7: A Hard Day's Night' ['Oh My Goddess'], by
Imran Inayat
2nd place (tied) - 'On Beyond the Doomsday Syndrome' [various], by Paul
3rd place - 'The Cop Box' [Gilmore Girls], by K. Michael Wilcox

Best Author:

1st place - B. K. Willis

2nd place - Helen Fayle
3rd place - Graham Woodland
4th place - Clive May
5th place (tied) - Igenlode Wordsmith
5th place (tied) - Imran Inayat

Lifetime Achievement:

1st place - Jeri Massi

2nd place - Random Companion
3rd place - D. B. Killings and B. K. Willis
4th place (tied) - Becky Dowgiert
4th place (tied) - B. K. Willis
5th place - Tyler Dion

Author You'd Most Like To Come Back To The Newsgroup:

1st place - Becky Dowgiert

2nd place - Erin Tumilty
3rd place (tied) - Alden Bates
3rd place (tied) - Cincoflex
3rd place (tied) - Lori Summers

Best Story 1993-2002:

1st place (tied) - 'Nyssa's End', by Graham Woodland
1st place (tied) - 'Plague World', by Becky McLaughlin

2nd place (tied) - 'Southern Exposure', by Lance Hall
2nd place (tied) - 'A TDF Christmas', by D. B. Killings
2nd place (tied) - 'The Gift of Garm', by Clive May
2nd place (tied) - 'Planet of the Tipsy Nyssas', Clive May
2nd place (tied) - 'Badlands' [original story], B. K. Willis

Best Author 1993-2002:

1st place - B. K. Willis

2nd place - Jeri Massi
3rd place (tied) - Audra McHugh
3rd place (tied) - Graham Woodland
4th place (tied) - Paul Gadzikowski
4th place (tied) - Lori Summers

Authors & Presenters:

Prologue, Framing Sequence and Editing: Imran Inayat

Best Drabble:
Author: Clive May
Presenter: Aunty Spamm

Best Round-Robin Chapter:
Author: Imran Inayat
Presenter: Seventh Doctor

Best Round-Robin:
Author: Joel Davis
Presenter: Mr. G.

Best Comedy Short Fiction:
Author: Paul Gadzikowski
Presenters: Destrii and Peri

Best Comedy Long Fiction:
Author: Imran Inayat
Presenter: Fifth Doctor

Best Drama Short Fiction:
Author: B. K. Willis
Presenters: B. K. Willis, Embericles and Nyssaias

Best Drama Long Fiction:
Author: K. M. Wilcox
Presenter: Amber

Best Series/Story Arc:
Author: Imran Inayat
Presenter: Fourth Doctor

Best 'Doctor Who' Character:
Author: Ken Young
Presenters: Magnus and Varne

Best Original or Crossover Character:
Author: Imran Inayat
Presenters: Second Doctor and Jamie

Best Crossover:
Author: Imran Inayat
Presenter: Third Doctor

Best Author:
Author: Imran Inayat
Presenter: Sixth Doctor

Lifetime Achievement:
Author: K. M. Wilcox
Presenter: Way Ec Kilmox

Author You'd Most Like To See Return To The Newsgroup:
Author/Presenter: Dave Yadallee

Best Story (1993-2002):
Author: Imran Inayat
Presenter: First Doctor

Best Author (1993-2002):
Author: Paul Gadzikowski
Presenter: The Doctor

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