Nyssa's Christmas Carol

Part the Fifth:
The End Of It All

Yes, it was Christmas morning, and Nyssa was prepared to live the lessons she
had learnt. She opened the window and saw Darren slouching down the street,
humming "Fairy Tale of New York", with what he fondly imagined to be an
imitation of Nyssa's voice for the Kirsty McColl bits. "Hey, you!" she shouted.

"M-me?" asked Darren, astonished.

"I don't suppose you know how to get to Diagon Alley from here?"

"Actually, yes, Most Worshipful Nyssa. Tyler's PLOT device can...."

"Terrific. The 'Round needs a dragon's tail. Pop off and buy one, and I'll pay
you back, okay?"

"At once, Most Worshipful Nyssa. Thank you for noticing me."


Nyssa got herself ready. "It should arrive just as Harry makes his phone call."
she thought, "Won't that be a surprise?"

And so she stepped out into the streets, a cheerful smile and a "Merry
Christmas" for everyone she met. Admittedly, most of them recoiled, wondering
what on Earth she could be plotting, but she persevered, and many of them
reciprocated the greeting.

Upon her arrival at the 'Round, Harry turned round in surprise. "Thought you
wouldn't be coming, old girl." he said. Then, more worried, "You're not here

"Of course not. I'm just here for the party. Merry Christmas, everyone."

Harry nodded. "Er, thanks." he said, adding, "So, um, anything happen last

Nyssa looked to a far table, where Tegan, Bob the Muse and Death were raising
their glasses. "Not really. Why?"

"Oh, ah, just wondering what caused this change of heart."

Before Nyssa could respond Francois came out of the kitchen calling, "Anyone
know how dragon-tail get *cooked*?"

"I'll give you a hand." said Harry, and disapeared into the kitchen. This left
Adric tending the bar.

"Um, so..." said Adric, doubtfully.

Nyssa noticed he was under the mistletoe and, without stopping to analyse the
action, gave him a peck on the cheek. The patrons erupted into cheers. With the
singular exception of Benny, who erupted into a handy flower-pot. Adric

"This is going to be a great Christmas!" he said.

Nyssa smirked. "And just *wait* till you see the New Year fireworks I've got

And so, as the First Doctor observed, "A Merry Christmas to all of you at

DISCLAIMERS: It's Christmas Eve and I'm in a rush, but basically, everything in
this story, besides Bob the Muse and Dunvworpin, was created by someone other
than myself. The creators include the BBC, Mutant Enemy, Tyler Dion, Imran
Inayat, BK Willis, Douglas Killings, Paul Gadzikowski, JK Rowling, Terry
Pratchett and some bloke called Charles something. Thanks to all of you and I
hope the midwinter festival of your choice is an enjoyable one.

SUMMARY: Nyssa is visited by three ghosts which show her the error of her ways.
Sort of.
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