Missing the Obvious

(I think I can probably get away with responding to a challange like this
*once* 8-).)

In a small room in Nameless sat Daibhid and Bob the Muse. Daibhid sighed.

"Crystals." he repeated. "A challange drabble on crystals."

"What's the problem?" asked Bob. "I'd have thought it gave you tons of

"That's just it. I can't narrow it down. If only there was some obvious, deeply
Whovian crystal I could hang my story on."

Just then there was a commotion outside. "What's going on *now*?" Daibhid

Bob peered out the window. "Third's just been chased out of the 'Round by some
giant spiders, shouting 'Oi, that's ours!'"

Daibhid sighed again. "How can anyone *think* in this place? I give up!"
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