Keeping It In The Family

The ending credits rolled.

And suddenly, there was a girl sitting in the Doctor family's living room.

The Doctor brothers knew, with absolute certainty, she hadn't been there a moment ago.

They also knew, with equally absolute certainty, she was their little sister, David's fraternal twin Jenny, and she'd been living with them for the last ten years.

The elder nine looked at each other, looked at David, looked at Jenny, looked at David again, and said, as one, "This is /your/ fault, David.".

David blinked. "What did /I/ do?!"

Jenny crossed her arms. "Yeah! Lay off him!"

The elder brothers looked at each other again, this time rather more uncertainly. Their new memories told them Jenny had been studying martial arts since she was five, and was willing to take on any of her big brothers if she thought they were picking on David. And usually won.

/Then/ they remembered what David was like with Jenny backing him up. What made things even worse was that the twins had absolutely no idea how much trouble they caused.

"...We're /screwed/, aren't we?" Chris said.

The others nodded.

David turned to Jenny, who shrugged. Their big brothers could be /weird/ sometimes.


Disclaimer: They're the BBC's.

'Then Do That Over' created by Paul Gadzikowski.