Goodnight, Sweetheart

It's the Third Annual Pro-Fun Hoedown, and once more, people from
all over the Universe are descending on Sweetheart, TARDIS of
the Pro-Fun Hoedown: the Doctors, Muses, Writers, Sirens,
Odd Trios, a space-faring King Arthur...

Except this time, someone's decided to crash the party.

Soon, the Hoedowners find forces at work reshaping Sweetheart
to their will... but to learn why, they must journey into
the worlds within the Pro-Fun TARDIS's mind.

What is the secret of the Trousers of Spectral Uncertainty?
What is the origin of the monstrous Spamites? What became
of Sweetheart's first pilot, millennia ago? And what was his
final mission for his homeworld, Gallifrey?

In unearthing the answers, the Hoedowners will plunge deep into
Sweetheart's past, into her most hidden memories - and find
themselves caught in an ancient battle between primal forces,
a battle now returned to reshape the Universe...

...or destroy it.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Written by: Paul Andinach, Bokman7757, Danel, Joel Davis,
Gordon Dempster, Paul Gadzikowski, Imran Inayat,
Alryssa Kelly, Ann Magill, Cameron Mason, BK Willis,
Graham Woodland, Igenlode Wordsmith, Ken Young.

Disclaimer: The characters and concepts within are copyright
their respective copyright holders, or are open source, and no
infringement is intended. We're just doing this for the fun.

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