Guys and Daleks

Sergeant Benton, Mike Yates, the 3rd Doctor, Jo, and a Dalek were discussing
travel at This Time Round.

"If you went by jeep from UNIT HQ to Gotham it would take four hours," said

"But Bessie, with twice the horsepower, would get you there in half the time,"
said Benton


"Wouldn't work, old chap," said the Doctor. The Tardis could get me there five
minutes before you'd leave here. I'd be waiting for you to arrive."

Everyone turned to Jo, who'd been silent throughout the discussion. Benton
asked "What about you, Miss?"

Jo started. "Oh, I've already been and come back."

They stared at her.

"By train. Last week. Ate at the Burnt Spud. The food is terrible. Why
would anyone want to go there?"