By Mags L Halliday and Helen Fayle
SPOILERS for Shadows of Avalon, Dead Romance and PT2.
Harry stuck his head around the dressing room door.

"Are you ready? You're on in five." Six men in sixties style police
uniforms looked around as one and nodded nervously. As Harry closed the
door he heard Homonculette mutter that this was beneath his dignity.
Harry was hard put to stop sniggering. No reason to let them know that
Adric had left the MPT3K cameras in the bar tonight... and all the
recording equipment... He headed for the stage, which had been rapidly
cleared of debris by the special guests of the night. They now sat at a
table nearest the stage, looking slightly tired and emotional. Harry
took the microphone, tapping it to check the 'accident' hadn't seriously
damaged the systems.

<squeeeaaal> "Ladies and... ladies. Tonight, for one night only, a
special one off performance, for your eyes only. Will you please give a
warm TTR welcome to "The Time Lords"...

To the sound of the song from the Diet Coke advert, and assorted
catcalls and wolf whistles from the audience, the cabaret trouped onto
the stage: First a tall, lanky figure with a long face and drop-dead
sexy smile, who winked at Emma as he walked past. He was followed by a
young, floppy haired man with puppy dog eyes, accosted by a heckle from
Iris the younger of "see you in the back of my taxi later, lover-boy!"
Then a young man with shoulder length red-hair and a neatly trimmed
goatee, who acknowledged Sarah and Vivienne with a courtly bow. His long
dark curls peeking out from beneath his helmet, the blushing eighth
Doctor was greeted by the audience with shouts of "chocolate sauce".
Chris strode on, still getting used to his new body: this was really
something that called for his blond muscular self, but what could he do?
He'd agreed to this before all that business inside the bottle universe.
Finally a carbon copy of the first member of the group, who caused Marie
to cough and spill her drink. Lolita patted her on the back.

The five Time Lords (and the GM Cwej) formed a line. Harry flicked a
switch and the spotlights came on, followed by the strains of "Doctor in

"Sorry, wrong tape" he called out, accompanied by sniggers from the
audience. The music came up again: Whitesnake's "Come and Get it". Six
jackets were ripped off and whirled off into the audience in perfect

..."Are you woman enough to take a man like me..."

"You bet!" Ace was pulled back off the stage by Leela and Nyssa.

..."Believe me, babe, it's true, Maybe more than bargained for, But now
it's up to you..."

"Cute..." Ailla whispered to Vivienne, eyeing a now shirtless Tal up and
down with a speculative gleam in her eye. "I love the beard..."

Victoria was hauled up onto the stage by the tenth Doctor and
Homonculette. It didn't take her long to get the idea of what to do with
the baby oil, although she was giggling furiously by the time she made
her way back into the audience.

..."If you want it, come an' get it, I got something for you Are you
woman enough To take a man like me..."

The music built to a crescendo, and the Time Lords were down to thongs
and helmets, to the delight of most of the audience, and the
embarrassment of the rest.

..."Baby you know what I got..."

In one fluid movement they put their helmets over the final garment,
then pulled the thongs away, throwing them into the crowd.

"I make it easy to see..."

"All the way, all the way...!" Zoe, Evelyn and Vicki led the chant,
banging on the table with their glasses. As one, the six Time Lords
walked to the front of the stage, grasped their helmets and tossed them

The special guests and the Time Ladies giggled. Sam's jaw dropped.

"My God," she whispered, eyes wide, "I never knew *that*."

Doctor Who characters (c) BBC and/or respective authors.
TTR concept by Tyler Dion
Maguire shamelessly stolen from Susannah Tiller. Woman in blue
shamelessly nicked from Phil [spoiler] Pascoe. 'Jade' is mine though,
bwhahahahahaha MLH.

Archive Info:
Authors: Mags L Halliday & Helen Fayle
Summary: The back room of TTR has been booked for a very special night,
but it seems some types just can't stop thinking about work.
Doctors: 8th, 10th, 12th, 13th
Other Characters: all 'official' female companions up to Compassion and
Emma, Harry, Maguire (from Susannah Tiller's stuff), Lesley and
Amaryllis (Timebase), Kim (from H.Fayle's stuff), Angela (IAs), Lolita
(PT2), Marie, Homonculette, Taliesen and Vivienne, Chris Cwej (post-DR),
Master (TVM).
Spoilers: up to Shadows of Avalon, Dead Romance/Tears of the Oracle and

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