'TTR - Games People Play - 3'


A Gentleman Of Leisure.


"Do you have any idea what she's up to this time?" asked the Proprietor
resignedly, looking baffled.

"You remember all those squares she drew in the car park the other day?
Apparently she later went and coloured them in, alternately black and
white," said the First Doctor, calmly sipping another G & T. "Now she's got
hold of sixteen Daleks, and is busy painting them white as well, with black
detailing. Some of my younger selves are helping her by painting another lot
red, and picking out their details in white..."

"What on Earth for?"

The old man coolly ignored the interruption.

"...And a number of the Japanese crossover characters are making Origami
paper hats for them all - crowns, mitres, helmets. You know the sort of

"Oh? Oh! Yes, I think I'm beginning to see. So who's she going to play?"

"Isn't it obvious?"


"Well, that wasn't supposed to happen," said the Buffybot, philosophically
eying the smoking wreckage. Most of the Doctors were doubled up, helplessly
laughing their socks off.

"It's all your fault!" raged a furious Davros. "Who's going to pay for all
the repairs? They're going to cost an absolute fortune."

"So how was I to know that as soon as we started, the two sides would simply
attack each other en-masse, shouting 'Exterminate, Exterminate'? It's only a
game - don't they understand the concept?"

"Obviously not," said the Fourth Doctor, tears still streaming down his
face. He produced a handkerchief, blew his nose, and adjusted his hat.

"Could be a useful thing to remember, though," he added. "Next time we're in
a story where we're outnumbered by a horde of Daleks, we just have to offer
to teach them Chess!"


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