'TTR - Games People Play - 1'


A Gentleman Of Leisure.

"Whatever are they doing out there?" asked the Proprietor.

"She's drawn a great big square in the car park, and now she and young Four
are busy dividing it up into smaller squares," said the First Doctor,
sipping his gin and tonic. "Everybody else is standing around, waiting to
see what she does next."

Just then there was a loud crash outside, followed by much cheering, and
Polly put her head in at the door.

"Hey, you've got to come and see this!" she said, laughing. "The Buffybot's
just invented Shove-Dalek!"


'This Time Round' created by Tyler Dion.
"Doctor Who" characters are the property of the BBC.
"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" characters created by Joss Whedon, & Property Of
and Copyright 'Mutant Enemy' etc. etc.


[A.N. (For International readers): Refers to traditional British pub game
called 'Shove-Ha'penny' (pronounced 'Haipny')]