"Sigh, it's a boring night," Adric leaned on the bar infront of Will Robinson
and Barry Lockridge.

Will drank some malted, "I know. No one's been arguing. Nyssa's been chilled on
ice by Kane and Ace is dead. SO what else is new?"

"Benny's retired," Barry shrugged, "That's new."

Adric and Will looked at Barry. Barry sighed now.

Suddenly a group of Bannermen came storming in through all the exits and began
firing weapons! "Get spack!" Yelled the Fourth Doctor and pushed Jo into the
Third Doctor into the slim girl called Zoe. They all fell to the floor.

"Susan, get behind the counter and when I say now, help me to push the

"Get down grandfather!"

Will dragged Barry behind the bar but Adric was not to be found. Barry looked
around as they hid on the floor, "WHere's he got to?"

"PRobably hiding."

"He's a coward?"

"Not likely. More likely he's just doing the smart thing this time."

"Maybe he's joined up with the Bannermen?!?!"

"I hope not."

"Look, this is just a bar," Adric told them, "Maybe if I knew who it was you
wanted to kill?"

"She had long red hair!"

"Oh that would be Mel, she's over there." Adric pointed to an overturned
table. THe Bannermen pointed guns in that direction and fired. The table turned
the fire onto the bannermen and utterly destroyed them. Adric ducked aside just
in time. He dove over the bar actually. When the blast cleared, the Fifth
Doctor stood there.

"I wonder what that was all about?"

"That table is made of...it saved all of us," the Second Doctor got up from
hugging Jamie on the floor.


"For he's the jolly good fellow!" The Fifth Doctor was hoisted onto shoulders
and he took off his fem hat and waved it about. "Saved time again I did."

Tegan raised an eyebrow. And a glass. "Why not."

Behind the bar on the floor, Adric sighed. "I never get any credit."

Barry moved in close, "They'll think you sided with the bannermen."

Will gulped, "But they don't know it was you who saved us."

"Yeah and they'll even think any effort in the positive for our side was in
vain," Adric stood up finally and brushed himself off, "It's happened that way
a few times before." He looked toward the patrons, "Anyone need a drink?"