[TTR,Drabble] Genius and Geniality: The Protection of Plot

"You are aware, I take it, of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum?"
Victoria asked.
Zoe went straight into infodump mode. "Plot Continuum, Protectors Of. If
someone's written a fanfic with an original character who reshapes the
primary work around themself and probably has one or more canon characters
fall in love with them, let that character beware, for death awaits them at
the hands of the Protectors."
"'Yes' would have sufficed. Now, are you free next Wednesday?"
Deliberately, Victoria drew out a pistol and cocked it. "You may have
heard of a television series called 'Lost in Austen'..."

[This may prove to be an unfair slur on LiA, but I couldn't resist the
combination of Austen, time travel and metametafiction.

"Doctor Who" characters owned by the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.

John Elliott
Alas! If the heroine of one novel be not patronized by the heroine of
another, from whom can she expect protection and regard?
-- Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen