Games Cats Play

The bar was a disaster area. Benton was busily making a 'No Pets' sign, watching the This Time Round Players half-heartedly try to continue their production of Scrooge.
"Rassilon's cat is an awful cat," glowered the First Doctor.
"Rassilon's cat is a barmy cat!" Benny exclaimed.
"Rassilon's cat is a cunning cat," said Leela, warily looking around.
"Rassilon's cat is a deadly cat," Alastair Sim said, nursing the scratches on his face.
"Rassilon's cat is an EEEEE-VIL cat!" growled the Seventh Doctor. "EEEE-VIL!!"
"Rassilon's cat is a f-"
"Nyssa!" interrupted the Fifth Doctor. "If nothing else at least he's spayed!"