[ Inspired by a couple of prompts from the Ersatz Genremixer

Sam / Jamie - highschool au & mirrors and doubles
Jamie / Sam - experiments by evil scientists & highschool au & electricity

Summary: As ever, sometimes the hardest part of school is just getting
through the day.]

Exchange Students

"But why don't you tell the prefects?" Gwendoline Lacey asked, as the group
descended H G Wells' High School's principal staircase.

"Because I need to find out what to tell them first," Patrick Doctor said
patiently. "There's no point in going to them with half a story, is there?"

"Like that stuff about noises in the boiler room," Samantha said. "The ones
you thought were bears."

"They were bears!" Gwendoline protested.

"I know, but no-one would've believed that until we got some proof, would

"But this is different. If there's someone creeping about in the physics lab
in morning break..."

"There is," Gia Kelly said flatly. "For the last three days at least."

"Well, if you told the prefects that, they'd believe you. And look into it."

"But if we sort this out ourselves it'll be so much less trouble for
everyone," Pat said.

"Except perhaps us," Jamie said.

"Well, we're uniquely qualified." He patted Jamie's shoulder. "You might
almost say we're experts."

"Experts at getting into trouble, anyway," Gia said.

Pat raised a warning finger to his lips. "Sssh! We're getting close. We
don't want whoever's in there to know we're coming."

The group's final approach to the lab was conducted on tiptoes, with Patrick
directing them by means of hand signals. Having reached the lab, they
flattened themselves against the corridor wall on either side of the door.
It was clear that whoever the mystery intruder was, they were hard at work;
blue light was flickering around the edges of the door, and buzzing, crackling
noises tickled at the edge of hearing.

"One." Patrick whispered. "Two. Three!"

He flung the door wide, and rushed into the room, his friends close at his
heels. The sole figure bent over the workbench looked up.

"I don't believe it," Samantha said, in disgusted tones. "All that drama and
it's just Ted Maxtible playing mad scientists."

"I'm not playing!" Ted protested. "This is a serious experiment."

"You shouldn't be fiddling about with that Jacob's Ladder," Gia said. "You
know we're not allowed to touch that."

"And what's he doing with a mirror?" Jamie asked.

Ted's expression was turning more sullen by the minute. "Roger sold me an
old car radio," he said. "I'm trying to get it to work. That's all."

"If it was Roger he probably nicked it," Samantha said. "What about the
mirror, then?"

"That's so I can see the lights on the front of the radio while I'm working
at the back, of course. Now will you all please leave me in peace?"

"Certainly not," Pat said. "Not until you've put that ridiculous machine
back where it belongs."

He reached for the Jacob's Ladder. Ted reached for it at the same time,
giving it a sideways impulse that nearly sent it over the edge of the

Instinctively, Jamie dived forward to catch the teetering device--

Samantha grabbed at him to try and pull him away--

The Jacob's Ladder toppled, its sparking wires coming into contact with the
surface of the mirror--

A spinning haze of light enveloped the workbench--

And then, as the bell shrilled for the end of break, Jamie and Samantha
weren't there any more.


There were grey clouds, a long way away, in front of Samantha, and wet
grass behind her.

"What the Jennifer Clunwick just happened?" she demanded of the Universe in

Beside her, there was a groan. "Where am I?" Jamie's voice asked.

"Dunno." She was lying down, that much was clear. Carefully, she pulled
herself up into a sitting position. There were the school buildings in
front of her, but there was something wrong about them she couldn't quite
place. Then, as she looked down at herself, she realised that wasn't the
only wrong thing.

"Hey, Jamie," she said, turning to look at him. "Look at our uniforms."

Jamie sat up in turn, and cautiously raised a hand to the badge on his
right-hand breast pocket. It was a shield, split down the middle into yellow
and purple halves, bearing the letters G and H.

"They're not our uniforms," he said. "Hey, my kilt's turned into trousers!
What's going on?"

Samantha had turned her attention the the satchel hanging over her
shoulder. "Dunno, but all this stuff is for someone called Cleo," she said.
"Except whoever Cleo is, she's got the same handwriting as me. Is there a
name in my blazer?"

Jamie turned her collar down. "Aye, Cleo Briggs. What about me?"

"Hamish McCrimmon," Samantha said, having made a similar investigation of
Jamie's blazer. "Jamie, I don't think we're in Kansas any more."

"I expect it's one of those mirror universes," Jamie said, climbing to his
feet. "That'd explain your shirt."

"My shirt?" Samantha, who'd been feeling a vaguely chilly sensation around
her midriff, looked down at herself. Sure enough, her blouse ended with an
elaborate knot just below her breasts, leaving a substantial gap before
normal service resumed with her skirt.

"Maybe it's just a fashion thing," she said, trying to convince herself
as much as Jamie. "You know, a sexy new look, sort of thing. It doesn't have
to mean we're in a mirror universe."

"No," Jamie admitted. "But that isn't all. Look at the school."

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Shouldn't the clock tower be at the other end?"

"Of course it..." Samantha tailed off. "Oh, jumping jiminy. You're right,
Jamie. The whole thing's back to front."

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