TDTO: Even Masters Have Standards

"So what's he done now?" asked Tony Master.

"Who?" Roger replied, looking up from his fencing book.

"Youngest brother John, of course. I saw him being sent to the Head, and
David Doctor being sent to Dr Grace. Do you know what happened?"

"As it happens, yes. John got so fed up of David wanting to be his friend
that he hid his ADHD pills."

Tony frowned. "That's a litte ... extreme ... isn't it? I mean,
challenging the Doctor brothers to fencing matches, kidnapping their
friends, setting Raston Warrior Robots on them, that's all one thing, but
stealing someone's medication is *serious*. Did you talk to him about

"Once I pulled him away from his i-pod, yes. He said the original plan
was to swap them for caffeine pills, but he couldn't find any."

Tony considered that for a moment.

"He's a nutter by *our* standards, isn't he?"

Inspired by a single line referring to David Doctor's "medication" in
vj's "Redefinition". All Doctor Who characters property of the BBC, TDTO
created by Paul Gadzikowski. The title is a reference to the TV Tropes
entry "Even Evil Has Standards".

"I thought Billie Piper was an oil rig."
-Sandi Toksvig, The News Quiz