(A follow-on from "Matt's Ghost".)

Doubles are a fact of life in Nameless. Sometimes you can't turn around without
bumping into a double or alter.

The first time you meet a double of yourself, however, or your friends and
family, it brings things home, makes it personal.

The first time it happens to Matt Doctor is when he sees the little soothsayer
in town. Seeing his ghost made flesh, walking around, it takes him aback.

Involuntarily, he looks to his ghost, who shakes her head. No. Not her.

He looks at the little soothsayer again, turns before she sees.

Even so, he thinks. Even so...


(AN: Yeah, there's Tennant Doctor, but he kind of proves the point: to Matt,
Tennant's one of his brothers. Not so for the Soothsayer.)

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