TTR/TDTO: Demon Demise
(Drabble) by V. Jewitt

The troupe of PE teachers removed the body of the latest candidate.

“Why did you do that?” Maxil snapped.

Borusa shrugged. “I have an irrational dislike of being hypnotised.”

“But he promised to bring order to the place,” protested Maxil. “Even
if he didn’t survive one story, it would have been worth it.”

Barbara intervened. “We should have waited for your return to a …
sane incarnation.”

“Oh, no,” said Borusa blithely. “Sly, inhuman hypnotist who can’t
even manage to be interesting? Any of me would have done the same.”

Maxil raised an eyebrow. Maybe he should reconsider internal


(Credits as above, with The Demon Headmaster from Gillian Cross's