TDTO A Matter of Coincidence? by Ken Young

[ Interior Maxil's office.]

Magnus: "You wanted to see me Mr Maxil."

[Maxil produced a file and started thumbing through it.]

Maxil: "It's all these coincidences. Let me see... ah, yes Caine. He
fell down some stairs shortly after you accused him of beating up
another pupil, broke his arm, I believe."

Magnus: "There were witnesses - he tripped on the stairs without
anybody else being near him. Besides, you dismissed the allegation."

Maxil: "Not much choice, the pupil concerned refused to testify. Now,
Kali, what was that, an acute case of acne. Then again the accusation
of extortion was unsustained. Babydoll seems to have ended up with
boils in a place I would rather not mention."

Magnus: "She was helping Caine in his money lending."

Maxil: "Nothing you can prove. Now I would appreciate it if we had
far fewer of these coincidences. They are pushing up our liability
insurance premiums."

Magnus: "Well, if you put it that way, I think the message has got
across. While they do not seem to have stopped they are being more

Maxil: "Very well."

Magnus is mine. Maxil is I think Brad's, Caine, Kali and Babydoll are
definitely his. TDTO created by Paul.

I apologise to Brad but his characters are the ones that are likely
to be known to be causing trouble and smart enough not to end up in
the standard disciplinary process.

Ken Young
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